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Course materials

Course textbook

(Vietnamese version with a recommendation letter from MOH, pdf file)

(English version with a new chapter on qualitative data, pdf file, digital book version)

Recommendation message “This book is an ideal training material for doctors, nurses and other health professionals to have comprehensive understandings on epidemiology, biostatistics, and qualitative research – essential for creating evidence based medicine. Designed for health staff without much prior experience in research, this digital book could reach a wide range of health professionals in Vietnam. This book places much more emphasis on practical issues that broadly reflect clinical research. It will definitely help Vietnamese health professionals to capture research skills and to design better studies especially in clinical settings.” (Associate Professor Ho Thi Hien, Hanoi University of Public Health)

We have prepared a self-learning guide which helps to better understand the textbook.


Course materials of 2021 Course IX (Multivariable analysis, anthropology, and health literacy)

0 2021 Course Syllabus.pdf

1_1 Goto&Khue Opening.pdf

1_2 Trung Brief Review of Epi and Bio.pdf

1_3 Koriyama Multivariable Analysis.pdf

2_1 Koriyama Critical Appraisal.pdf

2_2 Goto HL Workshop.pdf

3_1 Introductory Anthropology.pdf

3_2 Yokokawa HL of Patients.pdf

4_1 Khoa COVID-19 in Vietnam.pdf


Course materials of 2019 Course VIII-2 (Biostatistics, health literacy and care)

0_1 Course syllabus 2019.pdf

0_2 19AM Goto_course description.pdf

1_1 19AM Vinh 95% confidence interval & p value.pdf

1_2 19AM Vinh Chi-square & Fisher's Exact.pdf

1_3 19AM Vinh Z & t_EN.pdf

2 19PM Yokokawa Health Literacy.pdf

3_1 20AM Goto Basic statistics & HL.pdf

3_2 20AM 3 Goto KH coder

3_3 20AM 3 Goto KH Coder exercise data.txt

4 20PM Goto HL Workshop.pdf

5 21AM Koriyama Multivariable analysis.pdf

6_1 22AM Yokokawa Clinical study.pdf

6_2 22AM Yokokawa exercise data_yokokawa.xlsx

7 22PM Koriyama WPT.pdf


Course materials of 2018 Course VIII-1 (Epidemiology, clinical application and qualitative research)

0 Course syllabus_2018VIII_3.pdf

1_1 Goto_course description.pdf

1_2 Goto_study design.pdf

1_3 Goto_exercise.pdf

1_4 Goto_suppl intervention.pdf

2 Koriyama_bias and confounding handout Aug 15.pdf

3_1 Otani 1808161QualRsrchLctr_otani.pptx

3_2 Otani 1808162PrtclLctr.pptx_otani

3_3 Otani 1808171SCATLctr.pptx_otani

4 Homeworks with Vietnam 2018_yokokawaAG.pdf

5 Yokokawa_clinical study.pdf


Course materials of 2017 Course VII-2 (Biostatistics and qualitative research)

0 Course Syllabus_fin.pdf

0 Goto_course description.pdf

1_1 Goto_Basic statistics.pdf

1_2 Goto_exercise.pdf

1_3 Goto_Hasegawa.pdf

2_1 Koriyama_Multivariable.pdf

2_2 Koriyama_exercise.pdf

2_3 Koriyama_exercise_PW.xlsx

3_1 Otani_Qualitative Research_PW.pptx.pdf

3_2 Otani_Qualitative Protocol_PW.pptx.pdf

3_3 Otani_Qualitative Protocol template_PW.docx

3_4 Otani_SCAT_PW.pdf

3_5 Otani_SCAT form_PW.xls

4_1 Yokokawa_Clinical Study.pdf

4_2 Yokokawa exercise_PW.xlsx

5_1 Goto KH coder.pdf

5_2 Goto learning.txt


Course materials of 2016 Course VII- 1 (Epidemiology)


1.Trung_Basic epidemiology

2_1 Vinh_Basic Terms in Statistics

2_2 Vinh_Basic Terms in Statistics - Exercise

3.Khoa_Conducting a literature searchl

4_0 Goto_Course description

4_1 Goto_Study design

4_2 Goto_Study design_exercises PW

5.Terui_Recent trend of child sexual abuse

6.Ly_How to write a proposal

7.Mai_VJS introduction

8.Koriyama Controlling bias and confounding


10.Thao_Molecular cell

11_1 Yokokawa_Clinical study

11_2 Yokokawa Visceral fat mass data PW

12.Alden Physcian Wellness


Course materials of 2015 Course VI- 2 (Biostatistics)

0_1. Syllabus

0_2. Course description

1. Basic statistics

2. Basic tests

3. Data entry with Excel

4. Data management

5. OpenEpi

6. Clinical study

7. Practical analysis with SPSS

8. Controlling bias and confounding


Course materials of 2014 Course VI-1 (Epidemiology)

0_1. Syllabus

0_2. Course description

1. Learning Epidemiology terms

2_1. Learning Biostatistics terms

2_2. Learning Biostatistics tests

3. Literature searching

4. Quick overview of study designing

5. Bias and confounding

6. Protocol development

7. Cohort study

8. Case-control study

9_1. Questionnaire development: basics

9_2. Questionnaire development: example

10. Cross-sectional study

11. Intervention study, program adaptation

12. Building and utilizing data

13. EBM Open Seminar


Useful links

■ Supercourse
Numerous presentation slides available. Click on the “Research Methods Supercourse”.

■ OpenEpi
Free and easy-to-use calculator software, including sample size calculation.

■ Literature search engines
Hinari (Institutional registration needed.)

■ Data presentation
UN guide to present data

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