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Organizational Structure

Maintain the health of 
the residents of Fukushima

Maintain the health of the residents of Fukushima

Monitoring the long-term health status of Fukushima residents after the Great East Earthquake to promote their health and extend their health expectancy.

Radiation Medical Science Center for the Fukushima Health Management Survey

Radiation Medical Science Center for the Fukushima Health Management Survey

To carry out the mission to monitor health of Fukushima residents over the long term, disseminating knowledge gained from the results of Fukushima Health Management Surveys to society to promote and maintain health and to transmit the results to the world.

  • Executive Director:KAMIYA Kenji
  • Deputy Director:OHTO Hitoshi
  • Department of the Thyroid Ultrasound Examination Director:SHIMURA Hiroki
  • Department of the Health Survey Director:OHTO Hitoshi
  • Department of the Health Survey Personal Support Director:MAEDA Masaharu
  • Department of the Health Survey Public Support Director:OHIRA Tetsuya
  • Office of Public Communications and International Cooperation Director:ZAIMA Hiroshi
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Health Promotion Center

Health Promotion Center

Promoting extension of a healthy life span, while reducing health disparities through scientifically based analysis and evaluations.

  • Director:HOSOYA Mitsuaki
  • Vice Director:OHIRA Tetsuya
Medical Support for Futaba area

Medical Support for Futaba area

We support the revitalization of the Futaba area through dispatching physicians to the Futaba Medical Center, providing medical support to residents in the Futaba area, and assisting the operations of multi-purpose medical helicopter services.


Promote cutting-edge research 
and the revitalization of industries

Promote cutting-edge research and the revitalization of industries

Developing new diagnostic and testing agents to revitalize the medical industry and local communities.

Advanced Clinical Research Center

Advanced Clinical Research Center

To achieve the University's goal of providing highly-accurate diagnosis in cancer, dementia, and other diseases of high interest to residents, developing new diagnostic technology and nuclear medicine therapies by fully utilizing cyclotron, PET-MRI.

  • Director:YAMASHITA Shunichi
  • General Vice Director:FUJISHIMA Hatsuo
  • Vice Director:ITO Hiroshi
  • Vice Director:SUZUKI Yoshiyuki
  • Department of Radiopharmaceuticals Development Leader:TAKAHASHI Kazuhiro
  • Department of Preclinical Cogsignment/Joint Research Leader:Songji Zhao
  • Department of Positron Emission Tomography Leader:UKON Naoyuki
  • Department of Clinical Research and Trial Leader:SHIGA Tohru
  • Department of Environmental Dynamics Investigation Leader:ISHIKAWA Tetsuo
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Medical-Industrial Translational Research Center(TR Center)

Medical-Industrial Translational Research Center
(TR Center)

Bridging the medical community and industry and drawing multifaceted support in the creation of new industries and the development of new drugs.

  • Director:WATANABE Shinya
  • Vice Director:IEMURA Shun-ichiro
  • Vice Director:FUJISHIMA Hatsuo
  • Department of Biomolecular Profiling Leader:WATANABE Shinya
  • Department of Tissue Factory Leader:WATANABE Shinya
  • Department of Gene Factory Leader:IEMURA Shun-ichiro
  • Department of Protein Factory Leader:IEMURA Shun-ichiro
  • Department of Cell Factory Leader:IEMURA Shun-ichiro
  • Department of Research Model Factory Leader:IEMURA Shun-ichiro
  • Support Office Leader:SUGANUMA Takao
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Provide highly 
advanced medical care

Provide highly advanced medical care

Discovering disease in early stages using cutting-edge medical devices and providing highly-advance specialized care through cross-disciplinary cooperation.

Thyroid and Endocrine Center

Thyroid and Endocrine Center

Established to lead medical care and research for thyroid and other endocrine diseases. The Thyroid and Endocrine Clinical Center, as part of this center, provides individualized medical care through comprehensive consultation that encompasses internal medicine and surgery.

  • Director:YOKOYA Susumu
Advanced Clinical Division

Advanced Clinical Division

Training medical personnel whose mission includes research, medical treatments, education, and monitaring health status of the prefecture`s people.


Cultivate next-generation 
medical care professionals

Cultivate next-generation medical care professionals

Supporting centers and divisions, and taking charge of education on radiation health risk sciences for students, medical care staff, and other concerned parties not only at Fukushima Medical University, but also at other organizations at home and abroad to cultivate next-generation medical care professionals.

Education and Human Resource Development Division

Education and Human Resource Development Division

Steadily promoting the Fukushima Health Management Survey to provide cutting-edge medical care, securing human resources necessary to conduct such important research, and providing education to ensure the highest levels of skill.

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