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Message from the Director

  • Fukushima Global Medical Science Center Director HAZAMA Akihiro

    Fukushima Global Medical Science Center

    HAZAMA Akihiro

  • We strive to support the revitalization of Fukushima through medical care, and develop a future where we can share the experience and knowledge gained in Fukushima with people around the world.

    Fukushima Global Medical Science Center is one of the major pillars for the restoration of Fukushima specified in the Fukushima Revitalization Plan. It was established as an organization to regenerate and revitalize regional society through medical care, and transmit progress in these endeavors to the world. The Center has three roles: maintain the health of the residents of Fukushima; promote cutting-edge research and the revitalization of industries; and provide highly advanced medical care through five centers, two divisions, and medical support for the Futaba area (through the Futaba Emergency General Medical Support Center). The Radiation Medical Science Center for the Fukushima Health Management Survey and the Health Promotion Center were established to monitor the long-term health status of Fukushima residents after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accidents to promote health and extend healthy life expectancy. The Medical-Industrial Translational Research Center and the Advanced Clinical Research Center develop new diagnostic and testing agents as well as therapeutic drugs to nurture the medical care industry and lead to regional revitalization. The Advanced Clinical Division and the Thyroid and Endocrine Center focus on the early discovery of disease using cutting-edge medical devices. Centers and divisions cooperate to provide advanced and specialized medical care. Furthermore, the Education and Human Resource Development Division supports each center and division and cultivates next-generation medical care professionals in cooperation with international institutions.

    The experience and knowledge gained through the Great East Japan Earthquake and nuclear power plant crisis are of great value to be shared with people around the world, and we must pass them down to future generations as well. We continue striving to achieve our missions.

    December 2021