DepartmentPreclinical Consignment/Joint Research


Our facility was first managed in a Good-Laboratory-Practice (GLP)-like environment in Japanese academic institutions. In response to requests from on-campus research departments, we started supporting the implementation of imaging technologies and pharmacokinetic and pharmacological studies using radiopharmaceuticals, and development of new radiation therapies using 211At-labeled agents in a specific-pathogen-free (SPF) environment.

On the basis of the above, we aim to lead in the exploration of future research in the field of nuclear medicine.

Department Activities

We have more than 200 isolation-type breeding cages, and the entire facility is maintained in an SPF environment, where advanced cell and animal experiments can be carried out. Since a quarantine room is available, breeding and experimenting on animal models with special diseases and genetically modified animal models can also be carried out. The facility is equipped with the latest PET/SPECT/CT imaging system, an optical imaging system, an MR imaging system for small animals, an autoradiography (ARG) device, a histopathological image-analysis device, a multitype radiation measurement device and analyzer, an automated high-speed cell sorter, a quantitative protein analyzer, an automated veterinary hematology analyzer, and a blood biochemical measuring instrument for high-precision measurements.

List of Facilities

Currently, in response to requests from on-campus research departments, we have conducting joint researches with them.