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The School of Medicine was established as a prefectural medical college with a mission to lead the medical community in Fukushima Prefecture. To fulfill the desire of the citizens to enjoy a lifetime health and wellness, the school is committed to providing the communities with healthcare professionals who have advanced skills and judgment. It also carries out ambitious research projects in various fields, and continues its efforts to disperse the research findings through international journals and conferences. To deal with the shortage of doctors, which has been a serious problem throughout the country, the admission quota has been increased in steps since 2008, and it reached110 in 2011. Our mission is to produce competent healthcare professionals.

Organization (to about FMU)

Educational Philosophy

The School of Medicine encourages students to become intelligent and compassionate doctors who exercise their own skills, pursue harmony, and create better communities.


With the aim to achieve its goal, Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine is dedicated to enrolling those who are enthusiastic about contributing to the recovery of Fukushima from the unprecedented earthquake. They should:
  1. Respect human life
  2. Maintain high ethical standards and a rich sense of humanity
  3. Have a broad vision and good judgment
  4. Maintain scientific curiosity and creativity
  5. Have the enthusiasm for contributing to community-based health care.

Additions are highlighted in red face.November,2011
Fukushima Medical Universitys mission is to contribute to the health, medical service, and welfare of the Fukushima residents. The Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 underlines the importance of enrolling those students who have high spirit of contributing to the recovery of Fukushima, a rich humanity, and high motivation to cooperate in community healthcare. Fukushima Medical University, therefore, has revised its admission statements as follows:

Educational Objectives

Discover and cultivate your potential

Mind for sincerity, compassion, and scientific inquiry
Knowledge for saving life, wisdom for healing the sick, and intellect for surviving tomorrow
Reliable skills, skills to challenge the unknown, and skills for the future
Harmony with patients and their families, harmony with colleagues in the workplace, and harmony with people in local communities and around the world
Learning from communities, creating better communities, and disseminating new values from communities

As of Nov. 2012
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