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School of Medicine (as of Nov 1, 2016)
MD Program
Life Sciences and Social Medicine
Department of Neuroanatomy and Embryologystaff
Department of Anatomy and Histologystaff
Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiologystaff
Department of Systems Neurosciencestaff
Department of Biochemistry staff
Department of Immunologystaff
Department of Pharmacologystaff
Department of Microbiologystaff
Department of Basic Pathologystaff
Department of Hygiene and Preventive Medicinestaff
Department of Public Healthstaff
Department of Forensic Medicinestaff
Department of Radiation Life Sciencesstaff
Department of Epidemiologystaff
Department of Radiation Physics and Chemistrystaff
Department of Health Risk Communication staff
Clinical Medicine
Division of Medicine Department of Cardiovascular Medicinestaff
Department of Hematologystaff
Department of Gastroenterologystaff
Department of Rheumatologystaff
Department of Nephrology and Hypertension staff
Department of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism staff
Department of Neurologystaff
Department of Pulmonary Medicinestaff
Division of Surgery òɳʳعֺDepartment of Organ Regulatory Surgeryˡstaff
繡ܿʳعֺDepartment of Regenerative Surgerystaff
Ƶ۴ﳰʳعֺDepartment of Regenerative Surgerystaff
ʳعֺDepartment of Organ Regulatory Surgeryˡstaff
Department of Cardiovascular Surgerystaff
Department of Neurosurgerystaff
Department of Orthopaedic Surgerystaff
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgerystaff
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecologystaff
Department of Pediatricsstaff
Department of Ophthalmologystaff
Department of Dermatologystaff
Department of Urologystaff
Department of Otorhinolaryngologystaff
Department of Neuropsychiatrystaff
Department of Radiologystaff
Department of Anesthesiologystaff
Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicinestaff
Department of Diagnostic Pathologystaff
Department of Laboratory Medicinestaff
Department of Infection Controlstaff
Department of Blood Transfusion and Transplantation Immunologystaff
Department of Community and Family Medicinestaff
Department of Radiation Health Managementstaff
Department of Thyroid and Endocrinologystaff
Department of Disaster Psychiatrystaff
Department of Radiation Oncology staff
Department of Medical Oncology staff
Department of Radiation Disaster Medicine staff
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine staff

Human and
Natural Sciences
Department of
Human Sciences
The Section of Bioethicsstaff
The Section of Linguistics staff
Department of
Natural Sciences
The Section of Mathematics and Informaticsstaff
The Section of Advanced Chemistrystaff
The Section of Molecular and Cellular Biologystaff
The Section of Mathematical and Material Physics staff
Endowed Chair
Department of Adovanced Cardiac Therapeuticsstaff
Department of Chronic Kidney DiseaseCKD Initiativesstaff
Departmet of Arrhythmia and Cardiac Pacingstaff
Departmet of Tumor and Host Biosciencestaff
Institute of Biomedical Sciences Department of Biomolecular Sciencestaff
Department of Cell Science staff
Department of Molecular Geneticsstaff
Radioisotope CenterRIstaff Laboratory Animal Reserch Centerstaff Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitationstaff Reserch Center of Health Care SystemstaffPostmortem Examination Centerstaff

The contents of the following web pages are updated in a timely manner.
The website with website at the end of the hyperlink is developed and operated independently by each department.

School of Nursing (as of April 1, 2016)
BNS Program
Department of Integrated Arts and Sciences staff Foreign Languages Psychology Sociology and Anthropology Health Information and Epidemiology
Department of Human Life Sciences staff Pathophysiological Sciences Human Structure & Fanction
Department of Fundamental Nursing staff Fundamental Nursing Nursing Management
Department of Clinical Nursing staff Adult Nursing Gerontological Nursing
Department of Family Nursing staff Mental HEalth and Psychiatric NursingFamily Nursing Nursing Care of Children
Department of Public Health and Home Care Nursing staff Home Care Nursing Community Health Nursing
Department of Midwifery and Maternal Nursing staff Midwifery and Maternal Nursing
School of Graduate Education (as of April 1, 2016)
Graduate School of Medicine PhD Program
Master’s Program
Master’s Program in Disaster Radiation Medical

Department of Public Health Nursing for International Radiation Exposure staff
Graduate School of Nursing Masters Program Oncology Nursing Human Ecological Nursing Mental Health and Psychiiatric Nursing Maternity Nursing Nursing Care of Children Community Nursing Home Care Nursing

Contact information Fukushima Medical University

e-mail Please contact us by e-mail.

Hospital(as of June 1, 2011)

Clinical Division
Cardiology Hematology Gastroenterology Rheumatology Nephrology and Hypertension Diabetology,Endocrinology and Metabolism Neurology Pulmonary Medicine Chest Surgery Gastrointestinal Surgery Hepato-Biliary Pancreatic and Transplant Surgery Breast, Endocrine and Thyroid Surgery Pediatric Surgery Cardiovascular Surgery Neurosurgery Orthopaedic Surgery Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Obstetrics Gynecology Pediatrics Ophthalmology Dermatology Urology and Adrenal Endocrine Surgery Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Neuropsychiatry Radiology Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Diagnostic Pathology Dentistry and Oral Surgery Emergency Medicine
Central Clinical Facilities
Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine Medical Imaging Center Surgical Center Intensive Care Unit Maternal and Perinatal Center Neonatology / Maternal and Fetal Medicine Department of Pathology Department of Blood Transfusion and Transplantation Immunology Department of Community and Family Medicine Department of Endoscopy Rehabilitation Center Emergency and Critical Care Medical Center Clinical Oncology Center Clinical Engineering Center Dialysis Center Department of Nutrition Supply Center
Gender-Specific Medicine Center Clinical Research Center Department of Allied Health Professionals Department of Allied Health Professionals Department of Nursing Department of Pharmacy
Hospital Administration Hospital Management Division Medical Affairs Division Medical Cooperation and Consultation Section
Department of Clinical Quality Management Department of Infection Control Department of Medical Information Department of Community Network
Center for Medical Education and Career Development
Center for Academic Information Services
Radiation Medical Science Center for the Fukushima health management survey
Aizu Medical Center
University Administration
Organization Management Office General Affairs Division
Planning and Financial Affairs Division Research Promotion DivisionFukushima Medical Industrial Liaison Promotion Office
Student Affairs DivisionAcademic Information Office  
University Health Center Childrens Convalescent Care֣ӣݣӣ


Corporate organization

Industry-Government-University Research Enterprise


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