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Physical therapy, Rehabilitation, Kinesiology

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  • Duty ,  School of Health Sciences ,  Depertment of Physical Therapy ,  Professor

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  • Ritsumeikan University ,  Faculty of Literature ,  Graduated ,  1988.03

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  • 2020.04

    Fukushima Medical University

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  • Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering

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  • Physiotherapist ,  1981.05


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  • How does wearing slippers affect the movement strategy while crossing over an obstacle?

    Ohtsu Hajime, Togashi Ryusuke, Hiramuki Mina, Yoshida Shinya, Minamisawa Tadayoshi, Kanzaki Hideto

    Gait & Posture ,  86   17 - 21 ,  2021.02

    Multiple Authorship


  • Does the balance strategy during walking in elderly persons show an association with fall risk assessment?

    Hajime Ohtsu, Shinya Yoshida, Tadayoshi Minamisawa, Natsuki Katagiri, Tomofumi Yamaguchi, Toshiaki Takahashi, Shin-Ichi Yomogida, Hideto Kanzaki

    Journal of biomechanics ,  in press   109657 - 109657 ,  2020.01

    Multiple Authorship

    DOI PubMed

  • Investigation of balance strategy over gait cycle based on margin of stability

    Hajime Ohtsu, Shinya Yoshida, Tadayoshi Minamisawa, Toshiaki Takahashi, Shin-ichi Yomogida, Hideto Kanzaki

    Journal of Biomechanics ,  95   109319 - 109319 ,  2019.10

    Multiple Authorship ,  ISBN: 0021-9290


  • Evaluation of the activities of the medial and lateral heads of quadratus plantae in flexion movements of the lateral four toes using ultrasound real-time tissue elastography.

    Tatsuya Nakanowatari, Tadaki Koseki, Takuya Sato, Hideto Kanzaki, Yoshiro Kiyoshige

    Foot (Edinburgh, Scotland) ,  36   25 - 29 ,  2018.09

    Multiple Authorship

    DOI PubMed

  • 山形県内の医療施設における常設医療チーム活動および関連する診療報酬加算届出の状況についての調査

    前田 邦彦, 井上 京子, 神先 秀人, 慶徳 民夫, 竹原 敦

    山形保健医療研究 ,  21   33 - 41 ,  2018.03

    Multiple Authorship ,  ISBN: 1343-876X

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Joint Research activities 【 display / non-display

  • Effects of pelvic movement on center of gravity movement and mechanical efficiency during walking


    Project Year:2015.04 - 2018.03 


    We examined the effects of pelvic movement limitation on the mechanical efficiency of walking, the kinematic parameters of the lower limbs and trunk, and lower limb muscle activity. We asked healthy young adults to walk on a walking path under these conditions that artificially induced leg length discrepancy, restricted movement of the trunk, hip, or knee joint. The kinematic and kinetic parameters of walking were compared with those obtained without restriction. For comfortable speed walking, healthy young people showed that various compensatory movements worked on lower limb joints under any condition. The mechanical efficiency of movement of the center of gravity during walking was preserved. Results of this study are expected to be useful as control data for evaluating the walking of patients who have restricted or asymmetric movement of the pelvis caused by aging and various impediments.

  • Evaluation of gait dynamics by nonlinear analysis and its clinical application


    Project Year:2014.04 - 2017.03 

    Investigator(s): Makabe Hitoshi  ,  Member: Kanzaki Hideto, Minamisawa Tadayoshi

    This study was aimed at analyzing stride interval (SI) variability during gait by using nonlinear analysis and examining its clinical usefulness. The scaling exponent (α) and approximate entropy (ApEn) were determined as evaluation parameters in the nonlinear analysis. α showed long-range correlation in SI variability, while ApEn presented regularity in SI variability. The results of this study showed a significant difference in α and ApEn by walking stick use and leg-length difference. Significant differences were observed in α and ApEn, depending on age, and the difference became remarkable, especially by loading a cognitive task. Those may be caused by deterioration of brain network function during gait due to aging. Hence, α and ApEn may be useful indicators of deterioration of brain network function.

  • Kinetic analysis of rocker functions of the foot


    Project Year:2012.04 - 2015.03 

    Investigator(s): KANZAKI Hideto  ,  Member: IHASHI Kouji, MAKABE Hitoshi, TAKAHASHI Toshiaki, MINAMISAWA Tadayoshi, AKATUKA Seiya, NAGASE Tokiko

    By limiting the biomechanical roles of three rocker functions produced at the foot region in the stance phase while walking, we examined those functions. Results show that limited rocker functions change the center of mass (COM) displacement pattern, lower leg joint movement, joint moments, shock absorber, and foot stress distribution, as well as decrease the walking velocity. However, limited rocker functions maintained the rate of exchange between kinetic energy and potential energy, which represents smooth displacement of the COM. Results suggest that limiting rocker functions restricts forward displacement of the COM, but walking mechanical efficiency, at least in a young and healthy person, can be maintained by some compensatory movements.

  • How to carry heavy loads to protect the lower limb joints.


    Project Year:2009.04 - 2012.03 

    Investigator(s): KANZAKI Hideto  ,  Member: IHASHI Kouji, MAKABE Hitoshi, TAKAHASHI Toshiaki, MINAMISAWA Tadayoshi, AKATUKA Seiya, NAGASE Tokiko, MIWA Makoto, SUZUKI Shinya, SASAKI Kazuhiro

    The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of carrying position on the kinetic parameters and muscle activities of the spine and lower limb during walking. The four carrying positions were "holding a bag on his back," "holding a bag anterior to the chest with both hands," "holding a bag in their right hand" and "holding a bag on their right shoulder". It was suggested that when the bag was held in the hand, an excessive load might be added to the spine and the hip joint of the opposite side and the knee joint of the same side. When the bag is held anterior to the chest with both hands, an excessive load might be added on the spine and hip joints of both sides.

Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • Biomechanical effects of knee extension position fixation while walking

    World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress 2019 , 


  • Biomechanical Analysis of Forefoot Rocker in Walking

    17th International Congress of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy , 


  • Effects of carrying position on the muscle activities of the spine and lower limb during walking

    16th International Congress of the World Confederation for Physical Therap , 


  • Gait Analysis of Patients in Early Stages after Total Hip Arthroplasty and Effects of Carrying a Load in the Operative Hand.

    15th International WCPT Congress Physiotherapy , 


  • The Mechanical Efficiency of Walking and Its Clinical Applicability

    XⅢ Congress of International Society of Electrophysiology & Kinesiology , 


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