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Shifting Cultivation, Farming, Equality, Children's hall, After-school Care for Children, Attachment, Convention on the Rights of the Child, Actionreseach, Practice

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  • Duty ,  School of Nursing ,  Department of Integrated Arts and Sciences ,  Associate Professor

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  • Education

  • Sociology (including Social Welfare)

  • Cultural Anthropology (including Ethnology and Folklore)


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  • Study on Ideal way of train for Parenting support

  • Practical reseach over the Child's growth

  • Composite of japan agricultural culture, Especially social construction of farming aguricultural culture and farming rural communities.

  • Japanese swidden agricultural civilization

  • Child care support & child social work

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  • 계약고의 구조와 기능ー지바현 (千葉縣) 동총지역의 사례ー(契約講の構造と機能ー千葉県東総地域の事例からー)

    東アジアコミュニティ比較研究大会安東大会 , 


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  • Research on Cultural and Social difference Regionally in japan

    Cooperative Research with other research organizations including universities. 

    I Think That Japan is Heterogeneous Culturally and Socially.
    Mainly By Methods of Anthropology and Folklore, I Want to Clear Regional Differences between Various Areas in Japan.