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Department of Biomolecular Science

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This department has first opened in 1980 as a Division of Environmental Pollution Research, Central Research Laboratory at this University. With the stream of progress on life sciences, the department has been re-organized in 1995 to develop more advanced research on molecular mechanisms of cellular signal transduction system. Department faculty members are Dr. Yoshimi Homma, Professor; Dr. Miwako K Homma, Associate Professor, Dr. Takuya Kitamura, Lecturer, Dr. Masato Ogura and Dr. Masaru Mitsushima, Assistant Professor, and Ms. Junko Yamaki, Research Associate.


Research in this laboratory is focused on understanding the molecular basis of signal transduction systems. We are interested in alteration of signal transduction pathways to produce radical oxygen species in mitochondria. We take mainly biochemical and proteomic approaches to analyze phosphopeptides initiated by various oxidative stresses. We are also investigating effect of novel compounds on mitochondrial function to develop new drugs for various chronic diseases.


The faculty in the department aims to train medical school students and graduate students in both the philosophy and practice of scientific research. The department programs are developed for undergraduate students, and lectures are on the subjects of life science, biochemistry, molecular biology, signal transduction associated with human diseases and oncology. The faculty also takes charge of the basic research experiments. For the graduate school, we have a course of lectures on biochemistry, molecular biology, and molecular medicine, and a group seminar on advanced biotechnology. This department also accepts graduate school students and trains hands-on research experiments for a thesis of Ph.D.


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