About the CenterOur Philosophy

The Advanced Clinical Research Center will conduct early diagnosis for various diseases using PET-MRI or PET/CT imaging diagnosis systems. For example, the PET-MRI scans introduced in 2013 produce clear images and large amounts of information capable of pinpointing the affected areas effectively. Conducting PET-MRI or PET/CT scans will allow whole-body checks and early diagnosis of diseases, such as cancer at their earliest stages.

Nowadays, one in two Japanese will eventually be diagnosed with a form of cancer, but if detected early, there is no need to fear anymore. Even in advanced cases, effective treatments can be achieved by combining various therapies such as medication, radiation and surgery. If PET-MRI scans are used to accurately identify the location of the disease in early diagnosis, appropriate treatments can then be selected to minimize the physical burdens of the patients. In addition to cancer, PET-MRI scans are very effective in the diagnosis of heart diseases and cerebral nervous system disorders. Furthermore, we are able to pinpoint where medicine accumulates in the body, which is useful when developing new medicines. Our university already has and extended track record in the clinical trials of new drugs, and can contribute to the advancement of medicine in a series of basic to clinical trials.

The remarkable technological innovation surrounding the medical fields will play a new role in solving the problematic uneven distribution of physicians. We aspire to build a local community where advanced medical care is a fact of life.