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Sociology & Cultural Anthropology
We set a high value on fieldwork and putting the principle into practice. We want to turn knowledge of sociology and cultural anthropology to good accounts for health care, social welfare, education. Especially, we are interested in supporting and promoting well growth of children. We aim at the establishment of a new science (applied anthropology) integrated sociology and cultural anthropology with social education and child welfare.
At present, main subjects of study are shown under;
1. Cultural anthropological research to make clear the social structure of Japanese folk society.
We are making fieldworks in Hachijo Island and other communities. Near future, we will be able to make clear the kinship relationship, the marriage alliance, and the integration system in these communities.
2. Researches on political measures to support child care. Especially, we emphasis on researches of methods to train social worker for children together with community centers for children.
1. We give lectures on sociology, sociology of the family, Japanese folklore.
2. We give local self-governing bodies assistances to make political measures to support child care and to train staffs.
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