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Fandamentals of Nursing
Department of Foundations for Professional Nursing 1
Focuses on the relationship of theory, research and practice, especially, implication for practice and research.
Nursing is a research-based practice that requires implementing research outcomes. In order to provide care for persons who are holistic beings, conducting research studies should be done by integrating and expanding of knowledge from nursing and other disciplines, such as philosophy, ethics, education, sociology, etc. some examples of our research titles are the following:
- The body in a Life world perspective
- Ethical dilemmas which nursing students experience in clinical practice.
- How do male nursing students experience the "barrier" of a traditional female profession?
- Components of social support among Japanese women with breast cancer
- A longitudinal study of social support, psychological, and physical states among Japanese women with breast cancer
Introduction to the Professional of Nursing
Campus Skills Labs: Personal Hygiene, Mobility, Sterile Technique, Supporting Nutrition, Supporting Elimination, Administering Oral Medications, Administering an Intermuscular & Subcutaneous Injection, Administering 4 Medications, Administering Oxygen.
Clinical Practicum: Students are placed in Fukushima Medical University Hospital for clinical experience. They encounter patient experiencing a variety of threats to health and encounter with illness. Introduction to Research in Nursing Introduction to concepts and processes of research used in investigation nursing problems.
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