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Department of Adult Health Nursing
Adult health nursing focuses on the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health for adults. The department offers specialization in the care of adults with actual or potential health problems. The courses emphasize comprehensive physical health, psychological health, social health and spiritual health in acute and chronic health conditions.
We provide opportunities for the implementation of professional nursing care to facilitate health maintenance and restoration for adult patients with chronic health conditions as well as acute/critical care and preoperative nursing care. Educational activities include lectures, exercise and clinical practicum. Clinical practicum focuses on the study of the role of the nurse in providing nursing care for patients experiencing surgical intervention. We provide opportunities in preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative settings. The nursing process provides the framework for promoting quality preoperative nursing care for patients and their families.

Students study contemporary health issues and behavioral factors of persons in each developmental stage. Students learn that human beings are a combination of physical health, psychological health, social health and spiritual health. A human being is in constant interaction with the environment.
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