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Department of Anatomy & Histology
Anatomy and Histology
Since 1958, our laboratory has contributed to the special education for medical students, and has taken responsibility for the morphological research in Fukushima Medical University.
Present members in our laboratory are;
Prof. Satoshi WAGURI M.D., Ph.D.
Res. Assoc. Masaya YAMAMOTO M.D., Ph.D.
Res. Assoc. Satoshi KAMETAKA M.D., Ph.D.
Technical Expert Atsuko YABASHI
Laboratorian Katsuyuki KANNO
Research projects in our laboratory are mainly performed on the morphological analysis of cells and tissues by using histological, immunohistochemical, enzyme-histochemical and electron microscopical techniques. Current our interestings are focused on:
1) Fine structure and function of gastric parietal cells,
2) Histochemical study on the carbonic anhydrase,
3) High-pressure freezing method for electron microscopy, and
4) Neuroscience with a special emphasis on Pain Mechanism.
Educational programs in our department cover the whole areas of general histology and some parts of the cell biology for medical students, and both of gross anatomy and general histology for nursing students. Lectures and laboratory practices are prepared to get deeper understanding of the structure and function of human body.
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