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Health Information and Epidemiology

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Health professionals bridge science and the community and translate science to be applied in the community. Our mission is to strengthen the bridge through education and research.
Education to equip future health practitioners with skills to develop and use evidence
Research to assess community health and suggest health promotion strategies


We offer health information and epidemiology courses in nursing education and MS and PhD programs for students who are prospective key actors in improving the health system. All courses are intensive, combining lectures and exercises. Students learn practical knowledge and skills to develop and use evidence.
How to collect and analyze community and hospital data
How to apply findings to promote people’s health
Our education activities go beyond university education. We organize training workshops for public health practitioners in Fukushima and doctors in Vietnam.


Our work applies both quantitative and qualitative research methods to understand complex multifaceted factors underpinning community health.

Our work “imports” and “exports” model health programs between Asian and Western regions.

Since the Great East Japan earthquake, we have been working closely with public health nurses in Fukushima, helping them respond appropriately to health issues related to a nuclear power plant accident.


Aya Goto, MD, MPH, PhD
Professor of health information and epidemiology
Integrated Center for Science and Humanities, Fukushima Medical University

Sanae Sato
Project assistant
Integrated Center for Science and Humanities, Fukushima Medical University

Graduate students


Listed below are selected recent publications since 2010.

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  8. Goto A, Rudd RE, Lai AY, Yoshida K, Suzuki Y, Halstead DD, Yoshida-Komiya H, Reich MR. Leveraging public health nurses for disaster risk communication in Fukushima City: A qualitative analysis of nurses' written records of parenting counseling and peer discussions. BMC Health Services Research. 2014; 14: 129.
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  18. Soejima K, Goto A, Phan TNV, Le HTB, Nguyen QV, Pham NM, Deshpande GA, Yasumura S, Akira Fukao. Perception of anesthesia safety and postoperative symptoms of surgery patients in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: A pioneering trial of postoperative care assessment in a developing nation. Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine. 2010; 15: 333-343.
  19. Goto A, Yabe J, Sasaki H, Yasumura D. Short-term operational evaluation of a group-parenting program for Japanese mothers with poor psychological status: adopting a Canadian program into Asian public service setting. Health Care for Women International. 2010; 31: 636-651.

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Information sharing workshops for public health nurses in Fukushima
Epidemiological research training course in Vietnam

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Project assistant Sanae Sato

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