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For those who wish to study at School of Medicine

1. Entrance examination

If you wish to study at the Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine, please refer to "Selection of privately funded international students (Excerpt version) " or "Selection of students who have received an overseas education program (Excerpt version)" to check the outline of application qualifications, schedule, etc. For further details, please refer to the "Admission Guidelines" and "Application Guidelines" below.

* Each guideline is written in Japanese.

2. Necessary expenses (admission fee, tuition fee, etc.)

Entrance examination fee 17,000 yen
Admission fee 282,000 yen
Tuition fee 535,800 yen/year
Membership fees (Supporters' association fee, etc.) About 424,000 yen
  • Admission and tuition fees may be revised. In addition, if the tuition fee is revised while you are in school, the new tuition fee will be applied from the time of the revision.
  • If payment is difficult due to financial reasons, there is a system of exemption or reduction after selection.
  • The admission fee for residents of Fukushima Prefecture (those whose spouse or first-degree relative has had an address in Fukushima Prefecture for more than one year before the date of admission of the student) is 282,000 yen.
  • Membership fees include the Student Comprehensive Mutual Insurance premium.
  • In addition, purchase costs for textbooks, training equipment, etc. and costs related to training are required.
  • In the 4th year, the fee of the Common Achievement Tests (about 25,000 yen) will be required.

3. Scholarship

Fukushima Medical University does not have its own scholarship system. We will notify you of any scholarships offered to international students by various organizations.

4. Others

  • We have a student dormitory, but the number of residents is limited. Please note that if you cannot be accommodated in the dormitory, you will need to apply for an apartment by yourself.
  • For information on entrance exams, please see "For those who wish to enroll" (Japanese).

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