FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

5Activity Records of the Fukushima Medical University HospitalAssistant Director, Nursing Department (Previously, Director of Outpatient Nursing)Fumiko Meguro102Department of SurgeryMihoko Yokoyama104West Ward, 4th FloorKayoko Watanabe105Head Nurse, Mind–Body Medicine WardMiyo Saito107Certified Nurse, Cancer Radiation TherapyNoriko Uezawa108Director, Outpatient NursingMichiko Ootsuki108Oncology NurseRumi Hosaka110Administrative Officer, Department of NursingYasuko Suganuma112Critical Care CenterMegumi Satou114Chapter III Struggle Against RadioactivityRisk communication specialists propose that the fear of ignorance, indifference and prejudice surpasses the fear of radioactivity, and emphasize the power of science in the fight against damage caused by misinformation. This chapter focuses on the fundamental approach adopted by medical professionals by using objective data to accurately solve problems.Record of Radiation Monitoring Activities by the Faculty of Life Sciences and Social MedicineProfessor and Chair, Department of Neuroanatomy and Embryology, Fukushima Medical UniversityHiroyuki Yaginuma118Lessons from Fukushima: What We Can Learn about Psychiatric Care from the Radiation Exposure IncidentProfessor and Chair, Department of Neuropsychiatry, Fukushima Medical UniversityShin-ichi Niwa121Responses to Radioactive Contamination and the Evacuation Order after the Great East Japan EarthquakeProfessor and Chair, Department of Pulmonary Medicine Director of Fukushima Medical UniversityMitsuru Munakata126Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and Ensuing Radiation Exposure IssuesDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery, Center for Medical Education and Career Development, Fukushima Medical University School of MedicineKoji OtaniDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery, Fukushima Medical University School of MedicineShin-ichi KonnoDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery, Fukushima Medical University School of MedicineHiroaki Shishido133Fukushima Medical University’s Emergency Medical Care for Radiation VictimsFukushima Medical UniversityFumio ShishidoFukushima Medical UniversityChoichiro TaseFukushima Medical UniversityHisashi SatoFukushima Medical UniversityMakoto MiyazakiFukushima Medical UniversityArifumi HasegawaFukushima Medical UniversityAkira Ohtsuru141The Results of Thyroid Examinations, Our Goals, and Future ProspectsDepartment of Organ Regulatory Surgery, Fukushima Medical University Fukushima Disaster Medicine Coordinating Chief PhysicianClinical Department (in charge of thyroid examinations), Radiation Medical Science Center for the Fukushima Health Management SurveyShin-ichi Suzuki146Special InterviewIn keeping with the concept “Fukushima: Hope in the midst of adversity”, the interviews highlight the importance of “accurately conveying records to future generations.” Through a variety of examples, the interviews illustrate FMU’s determination to win the battle for protecting the health of Fukushima’s people through the “strength of Fukushima itself,” fifty or even a hundred years from now.Tragedy to TriumphPresident and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Fukushima Medical UniversityShin-ichi Kikuchi152FUKUSHIMA: Lives on the Line