FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

81chap.IIFukushima Medical University Record of Activities [Notes and Messages]FUKUSHIMA: Lives on the LinePosted on the Fukushima Medical University homepage: the Earthquake Special Report pages, on April 19, 2011Our Message, “Laboring on the Frontlines of Disaster Medical Care”Nobuo Sakamoto, Takao Tsuchiya, Toshihiko Fukushima, Shinya Takase, Yuusaku Abe, Naomi Takasawa, Maki Iizuka, Naomi FukushimaFMU hastily organized the groups detailed below as part of our post-disaster medical support efforts. We did this in cooperation with organizations from local municipalities and other groups and have been continuing to visit areas within the prefecture since the earthquake.During this natural disaster, the FMU faculty have joined together to face the disaster health care challenges head on.These pages introduce messages from the young medical school and nursing school teachers and professors working on the frontlines of the disaster medical response.*Some messages are also included from student volunteers, medical interns, and nursing school students. Please see these pages online at the FMU Hospital homepage, http://www.fmu.ac.jp/byoin/29saigai/message_0320.html.FMU Support for Evacuation Shelters within Fukushima Prefecture- Advanced Emergency Medical Support Team(Economy Class Syndrome Medical Team/Mental Health Care Team/Pediatrics & Infectious Diseases Team/Cardiovascular Disease Team)- Evacuation Shelter Health Care Team- Consultation TeamSpecialized Medical Advisory TeamSupport for residents and in-home patients within the 20–30 km evacuation zone(Community & Family Medicine Team and cooperating organizations) and others