FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

4One Year after the DisasterA Message from FukushimaPresident, Fukushima Medical UniversityShin-ichi Kikuchi2Chapter I Fukushima Medical University Girds for BattleThe present compilation depicts victims’ situations immediately after the earthquake, the treatment of evacuee patients, and the state of relief operations. This chapter also allows for the sharing of thoughts and feelings experienced at the time, including materials such as documentation of national and international aid, urgent guidance messages posted on Fukushima Medical University’s special website, and the response within the university.Early-Stage Support Actions for Emergency Radiation Exposure Care in the Areas Affected by Atomic BombingVice President, Fukushima Medical UniversityShun-ichi Yamashita37The Day of the EarthquakeVice President, Fukushima Medical University HospitalKoichi Omori40Two Weeks after the EarthquakeVice President, Fukushima Medical University HospitalKoichi Omori52Weeks Two–FourVice President, Fukushima Medical University HospitalKoichi Omori60Fukushima is My HomeDepartment of Blood Transfusion and Transplantation Immunology, Fukushima Medical UniversityKenneth E. Nollet67Chapter II Fukushima Medical University Record of Activities [Notes and Messages]Faced with the large-scale disaster, the entire Fukushima Medical University united to overcome the crisis, with staff and students being pushed to their absolute limits.Messages from Student Volunteers, Medical Interns, and Nursing School StudentsAssociate Professor Center for Medical Education and Career Development Deputy Director, Department of Clinical Education and ResearchKoji Otani72Our Message, “Laboring on the Frontlines of Disaster Medical Care”81Assistant Professor, Department of Cardiology and HematologyNobuo Sakamoto82Lecturer, Department of Regenerative SurgeryTakao Tsuchiya82Associate Professor, Department of Organ Regulatory SurgeryToshihiko Fukushima82Lecturer, Department of Cardiovascular SurgeryShinya Takase83Graduate Student, Department of PediatricsYuusaku Abe83Assistant, Department of Community and Family MedicineNaomi Takazawa84Lecturer, Department of Clinical NursingMaki Iitsuka84Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health and Home Care NursingNaomi Fukushima84International Medical SupportMedical teams from Jordan and Thailand86Experiencing the Great DisasterDepartment of Otolaryngology, Fukushima Medical UniversityYasuhiro Tada89Mudra of Supreme WisdomDepartment of Organ Regulatory Surgery, Medical University Physicians AssociationToshihiko Fukushima91Messages from Fukushima Family PhysiciansAssistant Professor, Department of Community and Family MedicineFukushima Medical University School of MedicineAtsushi Ishii92Mailing Lists Useful for Emergency ReadinessAssociate Professor, Fukushima Medical UniversityTetsuju Sekiryu98Care during the Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear AccidentHospital Vice President and Director of NursingYumiko Nakajima100Contents