FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

62•(Support after May 2011) Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine (5/2011) and University of Shizuoka (7/2011)7/6•Joint report by the Jordanian–FMU medical team7/8•Medical teams of the Kingdom of Thailand and FMU cooperate to visit evacuation centers7/11•Screening of thyroid glands in Fukushima Prefecture after the nuclear accident•Contribution of large amounts of aid supplies from the University of Shizuoka President Naohide Kinae7/12•Notice of appointment of a new vice president7/19•Contribution of “Letters from the University President” to a special report on the Great East Japan Earthquake by Japanese Orthopedic Association Public Relations Office News7/22•*The URL of this disaster webpage has now changed to http://www.fmu.ac.jp/index_shinsai.php. We have reverted to the pre-disaster university homepage7/25•Monetary contribution from Saga Prefectural Hospital Koseikan7/26•Posting of poem by a French medical scientist, lauding the Japanese after the Great East Japan Earthquake in “Letters from the University President,” as a special-edition of “Letter to the University President”•Katsuya Okada, secretary general of the Democratic Party of Japan, visits the hospital7/28•A lecture open to the public and young people entitled “What You Should Know about Cancer,” held on Saturday, September 177/29•Since Sunday, July 31, Radio Fukushima has been broadcasting seven episodes of the Fukushima Society of Medical Science’s Emergency Symposium every week at 10 am 8/8•Publication of interviews with FMU residents and students in the Nikkei Medical Cadetto special report “The Disaster from Our Eyes” [Residents, Vol. 6, July 20] [Students, Vol. 7, July 21]8/31•FMU president visits Universities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki•Signing of the partnership agreement with the National Institute of Radiological Sciences and the Radiation Effects Research Foundation9/1•Notice of sale of original FMU t-shirts as a support relief effort9/5•Receipt of letter of appreciation from the Fukushima Chief of Police about the examination of fatal victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake9/6•University Vice President Shun-ichi Yamashita receives Asahi Cancer Award9/16•International Experts Conference on "Radiation and Health Risks” is held at FMU.10/13•Notice of reduction in course and matriculation fees for student victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami11/1•Vice President Yamashita gives lecture on the Fukushima nuclear accident at the World Health Summit•Opening ceremony of the Radiation Medical Science Center•Launch of the Fukushima Health Management Survey webpage (temporary version)Secretary General Okada of the Democratic Party of Japan visits FMU