FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

chap.IFukushima Medical University Girds for BattleFUKUSHIMA: Lives on the Line55nuclear power plant. But thanks to the support in the form of pharmaceuticals and everyday goods from the alumni, national government agencies, and many others, we are pleased to report that we were able to resume outpatient care this week.The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident has still not come to a conclusion, and the direction that the university and hospital management will take in the future is not entirely clear. Our university has already decided to cancel this academic year’s diploma ceremony and postpone the next academic year’s entrance ceremony until May 6. The warm encouragement of fellow pupils and the alumni is an irreplaceable form of emotional support in the midst of this unprecedented situation.Considering the current medical systems of Fukushima, there still are numerous issues to be addressed, from the lack of supplies at medical facilities to the provision of medical care for evacuees. Throughout this situation, we have truly relied on the efforts of the alumni, who are our cordial colleagues. Our university is investing all possible efforts in supporting the medical care of the people of Fukushima. And with that as a benchmark, we aim even higher. We thank you again for your support and cooperation.Shin-ichi Kikuchi, President, Fukushima Medical UniversityMasahiro Murakawa, President, Fukushima Medical University Hospital•Notice about the Letter of Appointment Ceremony for New employees of Fukushima Medical University•To Those Planning to Visit the FMU HospitalThe Fukushima Medical University Hospital is conducting normal outpatient medical care as of today, Monday, March 28.•Acceptance of Donations for Fukushima Medical University Disaster Relief EffortsOur university offers our warmest thanks to all those who provided encouraging words and support after the earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tohoku on March 11, 2011.To more rapidly process your kind offers, we have established a donation acceptance window.Your generous donations will be carefully used to restore the functionality of our university’s educational and research environments as well as that of the university hospital.We again express our deepest gratitude to all those concerned about the present and future state of our university after this unprecedented disaster.2011.3.282011.3.30