FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

54spirit of knowledge, courage, and fortitude to overcome any sort of difficulty. Even the longest night turns to day. Our university is investing all possible efforts in supporting the medical care of the people of Fukushima. Let us gather our strength and move forward together toward the speedy reconstruction of a society even more resilient than before.March 23, 2011Shin-ichi Kikuchi, President, Fukushima Medical UniversityMasahiro Murakawa, President, Fukushima Medical University Hospital•“Inside Fukushima Medical University: What is happen­ing in the midst of disaster?”•The date of the conditional general competitive bid (milled rice, first half of fiscal year 2012) has been postponed indefinitely.•Notice of Cancellation of the Fukushima Medical University New Employee Orientation•To Those Planning to Visit the FMU HospitalThe Fukushima Medical University Hospital is resuming outpatient care in all departments as of Thursday, March 24. For the moment, we will only be seeing patients with appointments on that day.http://www.fmu.ac.jp/byoin/index.php•We have posted a message from the University President to all those participating in the 2010 Academic Year Diploma Ceremony.•We have posted a message entitled “Letter from the University President” to all medical professionals and others associated with the university.•We have created a “Disaster Response Webpage” on the pediatrics curriculum homepage, where we will post information helpful for the care of children.•Notice of Release of Real-Time Outdoor Air Radiation Measurements from within the University Campus (Radiation levels in the open air at Fukushima Medical University)•We will change the submission period for the School of Medicine Research Department’s thesis defense applications.•We have posted a message for the university alumni.We express our deep condolences to those affected by the massive earthquake and powerful tsunami that struck Fukushima on March 11, as well as those affected by the ensuing serious accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Alumni both inside and outside of Fukushima must be scrambling to deal with this unprecedented disaster. We convey our deepest respect for your efforts and struggles.Our university set up a disaster response headquarters soon after the earthquake, prepared the university hospital for the admission of disaster victims, and particularly provided care for those with serious injuries. This may have caused inconvenience to many, with restrictions on outpatient care and the visitation of hospitalized patients. But board members, university executives, and hospital executives united to fulfill our role as the sole medical university hospital in Fukushima.The situation in Fukushima is still unpredictable, especially with regard to the Fukushima Daiichi 2011.3.242011.3.25