FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

chap.IFukushima Medical University Girds for BattleFUKUSHIMA: Lives on the Line41●Condition of Patients Hospitalized in the University HospitalWe have verified the safety of patients hospitalized at the university hospital in response to today’s earthquake.●Postponement of Second Semester ExaminationsThe FMU School of Medicine and School of Nursing have postponed second semester examinations because of the earthquake. No exams will be administered on Sunday, March 13.The date of administration has not been decided yet, but will be posted on the homepage as soon as it is decided. For more information, please contact the Student Affairs Office, Entrance Examination Division, at 024-547-1093.●Consultation at the FMU HospitalThe Fukushima Medical University Hospital is currently working at capacity to treat patients with serious conditions. We kindly request all those with mild conditions to refrain from coming for consultation at this time.●Academic Year 2010 Fukushima Medical University School of Nursing “Clinical Education Conference”Because of the earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tohoku on Friday, March 11, the “Clinical Education Conference” scheduled at the school for Wednesday, March 16 at 1:30 pm has been canceled.We are not planning to reschedule the conference.We will be contacting clinical faculty separately and on a later date for meeting about 2011 clinical programs.●Notice of Change in Date of the Conditional General Competitive Bid (Affecting Six Contracts)2011.3.112011.3.122011.3.132011.3.14Faced with the Great East Japan Earthquake, Fukushima Medical University (FMU) is working head-on toward the relief of the people of Fukushima and will continue to fight for them. From the day of the earthquake, we have posted information about the safety of hospitalized patients on our website and have shared precise information about their changing conditions.(http://fmu.ac.jp/index_shinsai.php)Fukushima Medical University: Disaster Webpage