FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

Transfer of patients and long-term care of patients during the disaster— importance of a university hospital’s functions as a hub —Prefectural Disaster Response Headquarters and the Medical Group of the University HospitalGathering information, planning transfers, arranging for transport, and coordinating communicationUniversity hospital(Resilient lifeline utilities)Disaster areaGeneral hospitalLong-term care facilityDialysis hospitalEmergency intake spaceTo destination hospitalTo long-term care facilityTo dialysis hospitalFire departmentTransfer by Self-Defense ForcesNursing and long-term care functionsGeneral medicine functionsTransfer midpointTemporary hospitalization and follow-up careInpatient treatmentThe first-floor lobby filled with temporary beds. Verifying the condition of patients taken in, performing necessary operations, and determining whether transfer or hospitalization is required.33