FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

September 1999JCO criticality accidentMarch 2001Opening of the Decontamination Ward at Fukushima Medical University Hospital March 2002Fukushima Prefecture Emergency Radiation Medicine Liaison ConferenceMay 2002Formulation of Radiation Medicine and Care ManualMay 2003Fukushima Emergency Radiation Medicine ManualMarch 11, 2011�Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunamiMarch 14Start of emergency radiation medical care in the decontamination ward1) Possible avulsion injury to left brachial plexus (Male, 42)March 152) Right foot contusion (Male, 23)3) Lower left leg contusion (Male, 34)4) Lower left leg contusion (Male, 47)Work toward the establishment of “communication” and “education”/Radiation Emergency Medical Teams (Universities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima)/Restructuring of hospital’s radiation emergency medical systemMarch 1620115) Right thoraco-abdominal contusion (Male, 30)March 23Decontamination Ward is renamed Radiation Emergency Medicine WardPublishing of Hospital Guide to Care for Patients Exposed to RadiationMarch 246) Possible radiodermatitis of the lower legs and internal radiation exposure (Male, 27)7) Possible radiodermatitis of the lower legs (Male, 34)March 258) Possible radiodermatitis of the lower legs and internal radiation exposure (Male, 32)9) Shingles (Male, 67)March 3010) Possible internal radiation exposure (Male, 24)11) Possible internal radiation exposure (Male, 29)April 1512) Possible internal radiation exposure and accidental ingestion of water from paddy field (Male, 31)Changes in the Hospital’s Radiation Medical Care27