FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

14(mSv/h)3 km evacuation10 km evacuation20 km evacuation20–30 kmIndoor refugeBan on Self-Defense Forces’ flights Evacuation by medical helicoptersHydrogen explosion in the Unit 1 reactor15:36Hydrogen explosion in the Unit 3 reactor11:15Explosive sounds from the Unit 2 reactor6:14Unit 4 reactorFire 6:00 121083/113/123/133/143/153/166420Buildings collapsed owing to the earthquake(Neighboring hospitals lose functionality)Measuring atmospheric doses in front of the main entranceGreat East Japan EarthquakeTsunami victims (Aspiration pneumonia and multiple traumas)Radiation exposure from the nuclear accidentContaminated, injured, or sick patientsNuclear DisasterLimitations of SciencePhoto from Tokyo Electric Power Company26