FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

270Figure 1. Measuring Carcinogenic Risk and Amount of Radiation (Sv)The risk of developing cancer from radiationRisk of developing cancer(JPHC Study, Cancer center homepage. Modified)2000mSv(1.8)1000mSv(1.4)Values from (1)–(5) mSvRelative risk is contained within ( )500mSv(1.19)200mSv(1.08)100mSvSmoking (1.6)Heavy drinking (above 450 g) (1.6)Common risks to organsHepatitis C virus Liver cancer (36)Helicobacter pylori Stomach cancer (10)Heavy drinking (above 300 g/week) Esophageal cancer (4.6)Smoking Lung cancer (42–45)Thyroid 1000 mSv (4.0)High salt diet Stomach cancer (2.5–3.5)Thyroid 150–290 mSv (2.1)Lack of exercise Colon cancer (1.7, male)Obesity BMI ≥ 30 Colorectal cancer (1.5, postmenopausal)Thyroid 100–150 mSv (1.4)Passive smoking Lung cancer (1.3)Heavy drinking (300–500 g/week) (1.4)Slim (BMI ≥ 19) (1.29)Obese (BMI ≥ 30) (1.22)Lack of exercise (1.15–1.19)High salt diet (1.11–1.15)Lack of vegetables (1.06)Passive smoking (1.02–1.03)Radiation levels too low to measure carcinogenic risks1. Accurately Evaluating the Amount of RadiationScience precedes all modes of analysis. It is impossible to determine whether something is safe or dangerous without an adequate dose evaluation. Follow the below mentioned steps to re-estimate the amount of radiation that you have actually received in the one year period following the earthquake. (1)The effect of radiation on the human body = external exposure + internal exposure. The unit At the time of the nuclear disaster, radioactive material fell on my beloved Fukushima. The amount of radiation was not enough to cause deterministic effects. Instead, it may help to think of this future radiation risk, and the caution that it demands, as a risk of developing cancer in the future. This means that there is another aspect in our everyday lives for which we must exercise caution to prevent cancer. Certainly, there are people who are concerned about the future of their children or future diseases and face difficulties in living a peaceful life. One year on from the earthquake, I would like to take this opportunity, with all of Fukushima’s citizens, to consider the actual effects of radiation which we ourselves may have received and think about our future.Published in LaLa CafeLiving Happily in FukushimaArifumi HasegawaDepartment of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine Radiation Decontamination Team Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine