FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

269chap.VConveying to PosterityFUKUSHIMA: Lives on the Lineand July 31, 2011.◦ Women with Maternal and Child Health Handbooks issued in other prefectures who returned or participated in prenatal checkups, or gave birth in Fukushima on March 11 or later.(2)Survey methodThe questionnaires about pregnant women were mailed to the target population. (3)Major survey items◦ attendance status of the prenatal health checkup after the earthquake◦ delivery status ◦ health condition during pregnancy◦ mental health of pregnant women(4)Support after the survey1. A dedicated phone line, staffed by midwives or public nurses, was set up to respond to concerns regarding health management or childcare. Depending on the case, subjects are also provided with consultations via email. Also, if deemed necessary based on the content, midwives or nurses of our medical university provide telephone consultations. 2. Generally, if it was deemed necessary for a caller to be seen by a doctor, her private obstetrician (or if necessary, our doctor) provides assistance. For evacuees in other prefectures who do not have their regular doctor, we assist them in the same manner. 3. Implementation Status (as of March 31, 2012)(1)Collection status In mid-January, 15,954 questionnaires were mailed to the subjects and 8,886 responded (response rate 55.7 %), which shows a high degree of interest in the survey. (2)Support status 1. Telephone supportIf deemed necessary based on the survey response, midwives or nurses provide telephone consultations on health management and childcare support. 2. Email supportWe set up an email support system so that respondents could request a consultation anytime (number of consultations: 8). A Mental Health Support Book for Children and Parents (published by Fukushima Prefecture Children’s Welfare Division) explaining radiation and the importance of mental health was mailed to all subjects.Number of subjects surveyedNumber of surveys collectedResponse rateNumber of subject requiring supportRate of support requirement15,9548,88655.7%1,29814.6%