FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

265chap.VConveying to PosterityFUKUSHIMA: Lives on the LineSchedule and SubjectsItemPeriodLocation of examinationSubjects↑First examination↓Prior examinationOctober–November 2011Fukushima Medical UniversityResidents in the planned evacuation zone (preceding zone) (Kawamata, Yamakiya, Namie, and Iitate)Prior examination in entire FukushimaNovember 2011–March 2014Facilities such as the healthcare centers, public halls, or schools(Examinations were conducted by doctors of Fukushima Medical University or others within and outside of Fukushima Prefecture)Individuals in the preceding area who did not participate and those who are the subjects for tests other than the preceding examinationSecond and subsequent examinationsDetailed examination in FukushimaApril 2014 onwardsMedical facilities outside of Fukushima or examination facilities in FukushimaAll subjects* The examination will be conducted every two years up to the age of 20, and thereafter every five years.Implementation status of examination in 2011 (as of March 31, 2012)Target areaTarget population (person) ANumber of participants (person) BParticipation rate (%) B/AResults by age groupNumber of the residents outside Fukushima Prefecture in B (person) CParticipation rate (%) C/B0–5 years6–10 years11–15 years16–18 yearsTamura City7,0806,18087.31,477 people1,774 people1,947 people982 people270.485.9%98.0%93.8%66.5%Minamisoma City12,5299,63676.92,757 people2,691 people2,679 people1,509 people2,60127.0 75.1%78.8%81.3%70.4%Date City11,35710,27490.52,389 people2,930 people3,256 people1,699 people1491.587.1%96.8%96.4%76.8%Kawamata Town2,4032,18891.1536 people609 people686 people357 people321.591.5%96.4%95.3%76.8%Hirono Town1,07769164.2167 people167 people244 people113 people11416.565.5%66.8%70.1%50.4%Naraha Town1,42993965.7219 people269 people283 people168 people14115.0 63.3%74.3%68.4%54.7%Tomioka Town2,9401,69657.7433 people455 people531 people277 people40523.956.4%62.0%59.9%50.3%KawauchiVillage35723064.457 people76 people59 people38 people4117.863.3%76.8%66.3%48.1%Okuma Town2,3861,54264.6478 people432 people446 people186 people26217.0 61.4%68.0%72.1%52.5%Futaba Town1,20471659.5217 people181 people207 people111 people35749.959.1%61.1%61.8%53.9%Namie Town3,6452,92280.2814 people769 people822 people517 people98433.780.5%83.5%79.7%75.9%KatsuraoVillage23314763.140 people43 people41 people23 people128.271.4%69.4%61.2%47.9%Iitate Village1,09091784.1242 people259 people255 people161 people566.187.0%86.0%84.2%77.4%Others*3636100.0 people7 people10 people19 people25.6%100.0%100.0%100.0%Total47,76638,11479.89,826 people10,662 people11,466 people6,160 people5,18313.677.5%84.9%84.5%68.7%*“Others” indicates participants outside the evacuation zone designated by the government, who undertook the thyroid screening mainly at schools.■Subjects examined in government-designated evacuation zones in 2011.■From October 2011 to March 2014, 79.8% of the target population (38,114 people) have participated in the examination