FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

263chap.VConveying to PosterityFUKUSHIMA: Lives on the Line[Survey Scheme][Collection Status of Questionnaires]As of March 31, the collection rate was 55.0% for the preceding survey, 21.5% on average, and 21.9% total (due to regional bias).Because the survey results will form the basis of the long-term health management system, we are attempting various methods to improve the collection rate. These methods include a campaign using videos and posters, Questionnaire (activity record)屋内移動屋外屋内移動屋外屋内移動屋外屋内移動屋外屋内移動屋外3/11(金)3/12(土)3/13(日)3/14(月)3/15(火)区分月日滞在場所30691215182124地名・施設名時刻①②①②④⑥②⑤⑥②⑦⑥(飲料水)⑦(買い物)⑦②・⑧③②③③①⑤⑥⑦⑨①自宅②車③会社④車中(○○町○○中学校校庭)⑤知人宅(△△市△△町字△△)㊍⑥避難所(□□町□□中学校)○コ⑦避難宿泊所(▽▽町▽▽温泉▽▽荘)○コ⑧電車⑨知人宅(○○県○○市○○)㊍Kawamata, Yamakiya district Namie, Iitate Approximately 29,000 peopleQuestionnaireExternal radiation dose rateReport of the estimatePrefectural resident surveyPreceding surveyEstimate of external radiation dose rate based on the activity record, dietary status, etc.Table 1. Collection Status of the Basic Survey Questionnaire As of March 31, 2012RegionSubjects: aNumber of collection: bCollection rate: c = b/aNotePreceding survey Kawamata (Yamakiya), Namie, and Iitate29,04415,96855.0%Resident surveyKenpoku(Northern Fukushima)504,291124,79624.7%Kenchu(Central Fukushima) 560,116109,99819.6%Kennan(Southern Fukushima)152,77625,50116.7%Aizu 267,69638,73714.5%Minamiaizu 30,8314,01213.0%Soso168,40962,52637.1%Iwaki 343,83169,90820.3%Subtotal2,027,950435,47821.5%Total2,056,994451,44621.9%student volunteers providing instructions on how to fill in the forms, and a reminder for non-respondents.[External Radiation Dose Rate]Based on the activity record in the basic survey questionnaire, the external radiation dose rate for each individual was estimated using the external radiation evaluation system of National Institute of Radiological Sciences.Analysis of the 9,747 individuals who were not engaged in radiation-related activities revealed that 94.6% of them had exposure less than 5 mSv (10 individuals had dose rates of more than 15 mSv, the highest value being 23.0 mSv). According to epidemiological studies, no obvious health hazards have been reported for those exposed to radiation less than 100 mSv. This estimate is the cumulative radiation dose rate for a period of four months. Therefore, we conclude that “this level of radiation is unlikely to cause health hazards” (announced by the review committee on February 20, 2012).We will continue of conducting surveys for radiation dose rates and report the results to the respondents.