FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

262Survey OutlineScience Center was established in September 2011. Also, a dedicated office, the Health Management Survey Division, was launched this April 2012. We will expand and enhance our organizational structure in line with the progress of the survey.Staff Arrangement at the Administration OfficeAs of April 1, 2012Corporate staffPrefectural delegatePart-time assistant staffPrivate sector agentsSupport staff from other prefecturesOthersTotalAdministrative181117201278Experts105116Total2811222112094[Purpose]The respondents provided a record of their activities based on which their external radiation exposure was estimated. The results were shared with the respondents so that they would be aware of their radiation dose rate. This would also serve as base data for future health checkups and long-term health management. [Survey period]March 11–July 1, 2011 (4 months)[Subjects]All residents (including those who actually live there)Basic SurveyFukushima Health Management Survey (administered to all prefecture residents)Follow-upConsultation and supportTreatmentAssessing patient/resident health conditionsMental health and lifestyle surveys (questionnaires administered to residents within the evacuation zone and elsewhere)Survey of pregnant women (those issued the Maternal and Child Health Handbook between August 1, 2010 and July 31, 2011)Detailed SurveysThyroid examination: administered to all residents 18 years old or younger (including evacuees in other prefectures)Content: Ultrasound thyroid examinations*Within three years, assess the condition of all subjects and continue regular examinations thereafterContinued managementEstablishing the database- To be used for the long-term management and treatment of residents’ health- To be used for passing on to future generations the lessons gleaned from health management surveys- For individual tracking of health management survey and examination results (available for each resident)- For dispersing educational information on radiationHealth checkups (including data from previously administered examinations)Target subjects: Residents living within the evacuation zone and elsewhere, and those deemed in need based on their basic survey responsesContents: general checkup items and differential leukocyte countSubjects: residents living outside evacuation zonesContent: General health testsAdministration of health examinations to prefecture residents who do not fall within the applicable range of current examinations- Full body Geiger counter- Individual radiation dose rateRegular administration of health examinations and cancer screenings for residents at their workplace and examinations administered by local (government) health care facilities will contribute to the early detection and treatment of diseases.Residents’ health management filesBasic SurveyTarget subjects: All those living within the prefecture as ofMarch 11, 2011Method: Voluntary response questionnairesContent: Record of activity from March–July 11(estimated levels of external radiation dose rate)Measurement of the radiation dose rate (basic data)Fukushima Health Management Survey