FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

249chap.VConveying to PosterityFUKUSHIMA: Lives on the Linewith everyone as the president of this university.As a medical professional, I would be lying if I said that I was not anxious about the nuclear accident. An accident of this nature is something no one in this country has experienced before.However, I am confident that the university staff will valiantly overcome fear and anxiety with knowledge and calm judgment, and decisively move forward. To quote our predecessors,“Morning always comes, even after the longest nights.”“Every cloud has a silver lining.”Please believe in these words of wisdom and do your best.The actions of the people of this university have confirmed their wisdom and bravery to meet the expectations of not only the prefecture but also the nation.I firmly believe that this university will be at the forefront as it moves forward as a leader of medical support for nuclear accidents.�Shin-ichi Kikuchi�President�Fukushima Medical University Letter from the president: Manners of a Doctor From the university’s website March 22, 2011