FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

166Reflecting on the Great East Japan EarthquakeFigure 6: Medical Support Infrastructure in Fukushima PrefectureFigure 7: FMU’s Vision for RecoveryPrefectural governor: Prefecture Disaster HeadquartersChairperson of the Adjustment Meeting (FMU president)ReportInstructionsRequests & reportsSummaries & instructionsFukushima Prefecture General Medical Adjustment Meeting for the Eastern Japan DisasterVice Governor, Director of Prefectural Disaster Medical Adjustment, Chief of Prefectural Public Health and Welfare, President of FMU, Director of FMU Hospital, Head of the Prefectural Medical Association, Head of the Prefectural Dentist Association, Head of the Prefectural Hospital Association, Head of the Prefectural Nurse Association, Head of the Prefectural Pharmacist Association, and other persons deemed necessary by the chairpersonRequestsPrefectural Medical Adjustment SupportHeadquarters/FMU Disaster HeadquartersInstructions (e.g., the number of personnelto dispatch and dispatch locations)Joint facilities--- Hospital--- University--- ClinicRequests & reports (e.g., the conditions of the disaster site)Clarifying the “division of labor”Prefectural Medical Association, Japan Red Cross, FMU, the Education Bureau, Public Health Centers, Regional Medical Associations, Regional Red Cross Associations, Dentist Association, Prefectural Pharmacist Association, Prefectural Nurses AssociationRequests& reportsRequests& reportsRequests& reportsInstructions& dispatchInstructions& dispatchInstructions& dispatch2. Support for patients (within 30 kilometers)3. Support for hospitalsHub hospitals around the evacuation zone(Iwaki, Soma)Core prefectural hospitals(Koriyama, Fukushima, Aizu, and Shirakawa)1. Support for evacuation shelters (within 30 kilometers)“Information Sharing”Nuclear power plant disaster1. Anxiety regarding the current state of health2. Anxiety regarding long-term radiation effects3. Anxiety regardingthe loss of local vitality(economic and otherwise)Recovery of Health and Local Vitality1. Long-termhealth management surveysfor 2.02 million residents2. Early detection and treatmentthrough state-of-the-art diagnosticand medical equipment3. Development ofnew medicines andmedical welfare equipment4. Development ofradiation medicine specialists1. Long-term health management → 2. Early detection and treatment →3. Stimulation of the medicalindustry → 4 . Development of human capital organizing bases into one body