FUKUSHIMA Lives on the Line

8Fukushima Health Management SurveyWorking toward Recovery and RevivalVice President, Fukushima Medical UniversityShun-ichi Yamashita257Fukushima Health Management SurveyHealth Survey Division261Living Happily in FukushimaDepartment of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine Radiation Decontamination Team Fukushima Medical University School of MedicineArifumi Hasegawa270Special Report from Fukushima on the Great East Japan Earthquake: Hope in the Midst of Adversity, Part 3Existing and Future Initiatives after the Great East Japan EarthquakeVice President, Fukushima Medical University, Professor and Chair, Department of Organ Regulatory SurgerySeiichi TakenoshitaLecturer, Department of Organ Regulatory SurgeryIzumi Nakamura274Fukushima: Hope in the Midst of AdversityBearing a Historic Mission and Global ResponsibilityPresident and Chair, Fukushima Medical UniversityShin-ichi KikuchiVice President, Fukushima Medical UniversityShun-ichi YamashitaVice President, Fukushima Medical UniversityKenji Kamiya280Supplementary MaterialsBrief Report on the Damage from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake (Report No. 832)286Earthquake Disaster Document March 11, 2011–March 31, 2012288Campus Map301Condition of Victims and Hospital Facilities on the Day of the Great East Japan EarthquakeHospital Administration Department80Overview of Patient Admission/Transfer in Hospitals within Evacuation ZonesHospital Administration Department85Overview of Faculty Affected by the DisasterGeneral Affairs Department115Overview of Student Victim StatusStudent Affairs Division116Overview of Fukushima Medical University’s Post-Disaster Wide-Ranging Medical Relief EffortsPlanning and Financial Affairs Division120Overview of Resources and Support Received from Other UniversitiesPlanning and Financial Affairs Division140Establishment of a Partnership with Hiroshima University and Nagasaki University for Medical Care Countermeasures for the Fukushima Nuclear AccidentKickoff Meeting: Overview of Conference on Research by Institutions on the Effects of RadioactivityPlanning and Financial Affairs Division151Overview of Support Activities by Hiroshima UniversityPlanning and Financial Affairs Division160Overview of Post-quake Medical Examination System and ResultsHospital Administration Department213Overview of Support Activities by Nagasaki UniversityPlanning and Financial Affairs Division246Status of Facilities and EquipmentGeneral Affairs Department279This book is a compilation of the essays, notes, and photos collected during the one-year period following the Great East Japan Earthquake to create a record of the activities undertaken by Fukushima Medical University and to share them with the world.