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Department of Physics
The Department of Physics studies and educates basic and medical physics. Members of the department are: Kobayashi, T. (Professor), Yoshida, H. (Associate Professor), and Ozawa, R. (Associate Professor).
Physics is the study based on observations of any kind of natural phenomena surrounding us. It has a very broad field, which is in a very large range: -- zero to infinity, simplicity to complexity, regularity to chaos, etc. --.

Kobayashi and Ozawa major in experimental physics, and Yoshida majors in theoretical one. Each member works on his own specific area of research interest.

Kobayashi researches on medical physics and other related fields such as natural radiation, etc.

Yoshida is in the field of astrophysics, in particular, gravitational lens effect in the observational cosmology.

Ozawa is in the field of surface science and scanning tunneling microscope.
We have classes for medical students as follows:
For students of 1st year... Basic Physics:
High-school-level physics for students who did not study physics in their high schools.
Classical Mechanics.
Electric and Magnetic field, Electronics, and the Maxwell equations, etc.
Atomic Physics:
Modern Physics: Special Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, etc.
Experimental Methods in Natural Sciences:
Introduction and guidance to ``Student Experiment''
For students of 2nd year...

Medical Physics:
Medicine oriented Physics.
Student Experiment:
Fundamental experiments on physics.

Information System for Physics Education
In our student lab, there is a computer system which consists of 12 PCs. Anyone who belongs to our university can always use these PCs. Most of the students are using them for making their reports or enjoying net-surfing.
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