Professor and Chair Position

Fukushima Medical University invites nominations for the Professor and Chair position of the Department of Epidemiology, a newly established department of the School of Medicine. The responsibilities that come with the position include supervising Fukushima Health Management Survey at Radiation Medical Science Center, Fukushima Global Medical Science Center, and conducting cutting-edge epidemiological research. Applicants must have experience in clinical epidemiology, be capable of collaborating with both domestic and international institutions, and have interest in developing human resources.
Fukushima Medical University has established Fukushima Global Medical Science Center as the base for recovery from the disaster through providing the best medical service possible and through the help of all those both inside and outside Japan who love Fukushima and care for Fukushima. The center will facilitate Fukushima Health Management Survey, establishment of advanced medical facilities and healthcare system, and training of medical professionals who can contribute to the world. It will also play a leading role in revitalizing the community by promoting the medical industry, and in communicating to people all over the world the strength and resilience of Fukushima.


Required documents
*All the documents should be typed out or write out in an A4 format (or 8 1/2×11 letter size paper).
*Applicants are advised to download relevant formats from FMU website and use them wherever possible.
(1) Curriculum vitae (Form 1-1 and 1-2)
(2) Track record (Form 2)
(3) Copy of your work: up to 10 articles, 8copies each.
*Attach a 200-word summary to each article.
(4) Essay
*Describe your accomplishments in or idea about research and education. You can include tables or figures in your essay.
(5) Employment reference letter
(6) Photo (50×50mm, your current appearance, full-face, no glasses, no hat, a plain background)
Application deadline 28 March 2013
*Applicants must have all the application documents received by the deadline.
Submission Director, General Affairs Division, Fukushima Medical University
1 Hikariga-oka, Fukushima City, 960-1295, Japan
TEL: 024-547-1012, FAX: 024-547-1995
Qualifications Applicants must be a licensed medical doctor and have a PhD degree. This position is available to all nationalities.
Notes *Applications and nominations may be sent by post. In such case, please register them.
*You may be asked for further information or material pertaining to your work or accomplishments, and may be invited for an interview at some point during the selection process.
*We will not return any documents submitted.
*Please contact us if you have any queries.


Professor&Chair Position, Dept. of Epidemiology